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Never ever forget collecting debts from your friends or colleagues.
With less steps than other money tracking apps you will be able to add your financial reminders.
Still waitin computes the remaining expenses on both sides with each of your debtors and shows you the final total that needs to be payed in order to settle. Names do not need to be typed - just select an existing contact.

still waitin's Features:

✔ Neat and easy interface to keep clear debt management
✔ Few time saving steps for adding an iou
✔ Money debts with photo and description
✔ Auto-complete contacts from address book
✔ Incoming and outgoing debts
✔ Uses your local currency
✔ Adjustable date of debt
✔ Debts grouped by person for easy administration
✔ Summaries per person
✔ Total sum of all debts calculated
✔ One click delete of all expenses with one debtor on payback settlement
✔ Add reimbursement payment as new entry to get the remaining expense
✔ Support to minimise persons in the overview list
✔ Backup export/import available from settings

Premium version: ★ Free of ads
★ Share "i owe you" or "you owe me" entries as text message or e-mail
★ Support further improvements of the still waitin manager